And Now For The Weather 2015 floods GB

I have never in my mmmphff mmphhff years seen anything like this. Since December 2013 to this very day the storms and rain has beaten and bashed our proud lands. I live in the North so have been one of the lucky few that can breath a sigh of relief and be glad for our high ground.

This said, there are over 6000 houses sitting under water now. More storms to come. Some of these people will not get back in their homes this year. This country is in trouble. We need Billions nor millions to avoid this in future yet we sent all our spare cash to flood victims in other lands. Well meaning that may be, it is now impracticable. We need to look after our own first.

This is the way of the world now. We need to redesign our way of living, build defences.

When I look at the pictures I wonder if this is what our ancestors saw when the land bridge between Britain and the continent started to disappear. They would have been forced from their farmland or hunting grounds. I think this is the beginning of a great change. I may not see it but I will probably see much more misery leading up to it. Here is the proof in pictures.

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