And Now for the weather Autumn 2014

The skys are turning into that steady state grey, the temps are dropping with only a few hopes of reaching that comfort zone again before winter sets in.

I have been preparing for the onslaught of winter, Bought a Onesie based on a functional athletic look so I can answer the door to the postman in the sure knowledge that he will not smirk back at me. I need it because no matter what we have done our living room turns into a freezer zone at lower leg level.

Used some shopping vouchers I had to purchase 2 rather nice throws for our leather chairs.

Traditional Tassel Throw [130cm x 150cm)I think they have a Christmassy look about them and exude warmness to me. Liz is not too fond but I bet if she is feeling chilly she will let me wrap her up in one.

Halloween is almost here, there will be no sweets for the kiddies this year. I am buying little chocolate rolls wrapped in scary packaging. I think there are too many sweets handed out now.

Our little Dimplex Latitude fire is already out.

Dimplex DXLAT75cw Latitude Low Level Convector Heater 750W and serves us well during chilly times at only 750 Watts we can set the thermal to a nice warm setting and forget about it. So far we have avoided using the central heating by using it when required. If we get to November without turning the Gas Guzzler on we will save a little.

Last winter we prepared our spare upstairs room as a night time retreat but hardly used it as the weather was milder than expected.

The low pressure Atlantic storms are getting set up to head our way, courtesy of America (thanks folks) One of them set to miss us will drag in a final warm spell of weather this weekend, then we will have to wait and see what winter brings us.


I hope There is no polar vortex for those in America this year, the last winter was a bit too much for many of you.


Be well and Ebola free folks




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