Colonoscopy nightmare

After 8 years of being told I had IBS and just to watch what I ate I pushed the point by going back to the doctors 5 times in 5 months.

I had my reasons, you know your own body and how it performs, Mine was not performing well. In fact it was worrying me.

4 times 3 doctors fobbed me off with Poo Poo's and don't worries. Eventually the 5th visit paid off and he said he would arrange a consultation at the Endoscopy unit. It only took  a couple of weeks and they were phoning me up for an appointment to carry out a sigmoidoscopy.

It is only the short device and makes interesting veiwing.

I diagnosed my problem myself in the first few minutes, I have Ulcerative Colitis. The surgeon picked out a couple more of things he wanted to investigate further and took samples.

It took me 48 hours to get over the pain. In this Neanderthal country they still use old fashioned air to inflate you like a balloon. This aggravates me more than some. At the follow up appointment a few weeks later he confirmed what I had thought and prescribed me a wonderful drug that really works well.

Then he suggested a full colonoscopy to check things thoroughly. The pain after the previous procedure came flooding back and I refused, explaining in detail to him that although I can bear the actual event the after effects are not something I cared to deal with. Especially as there would be 3xmore and minor surgery as well.

He was a bit annoyed and eventually suggested a cat-scan type colostomy.

I said again that it was the air that caused me the pain. Only to be told they use Carbon Dioxide which is absorbed by the body.

So I suggested they do the main procedure using Carbon Dioxide and he said it was not hospital policy

I had the scan with no problem, it wss a doddle

Just before Christmas a letter landed on the mat saying there was a polyp that needed removal. Christmas was cancelled while I worried about the up coming event.

7th July I stopped eating, 8th I started a Spanish inquisition type of self administered hell to prepare me. (You don't want to know)

On the day I was held back in a queue slowly getting colder. Eventually I was taken to the room to see a man who should have had L plates on his back.

Again I withstood (this time) an hour while he fiddled around. The main consultant eventually arrived and started INSTRUCTING!!  him on how to do it better. I made sure the consultant got my angry stare. 

The nurse was great and even told this berk how to refocus the equipment. I looked at her and could see she was uncomfortable. When it was finished the nurse said I had done great to get through 4 (FOUR) removals without any sedation at all.

That night was painful I slept all of 1 or 2 hours. I could not get the air out

The next day I was so ill I just sat in a chair drinking fruit tea. Could not keep food down. The second night I used painkillers with Codine and slept till almost 9am the next day.

Then the real pain kicked in! What I had before was just a taster. Suddenly the right side of my bowel we getting shooting aching pains. My temperature was going up and down all day. That night, (The 3rd night) My temperature hit rock bottom and I retired to bed at 8pm with an electric over blanket on to keep me warm. I got 2 hours sleep. It was not my bowel it was my right kidney. In away I was pleased about this as if it had been my bowel it would probably have meant yet another bout of agony.

I have had kidney pain before so I recognise it well. No point in running off to hospital for that.

Now about an hour ago a pain started on the upper left of my colon where it turns. It's a sharp pain that kicks in each time I breath in.

According to surgeons on the net this happens when the person doing the scope is not experienced enough to take tight bends and bumps the scope too quickly right into the top of the descending colon.


In effect I have been butchered and for quite a while I am an invalid There will be an end to this but the will want to do it again

Well unless I get the right person for the job and Carbon Dioxide, they can get stuffed with their own torture devices.

Yes these things can be life saving but it's like having an arm cur off without




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