Getting ready for Christmas

The Tree is up the wreath is on the door I will be going to my mums to turn her Apartment into Santa's grotty grotto

She is losing her sight as well now but cannot be seen by the specialists till next year. I suppose at 91 she is slipping down the priority list

She does not want to come to our place on Christmas day and we have a full calendar, so she will be getting her visit a day early. It will probably not matter as she never knows what day it is.

Liz is suffering greatly with her Epilepsy just now. 45 attacks in November. A record for her. We suspect the growth in her brain is the main cause but we have heard nothing about any treatment yet.

She has fallen a couple of times and has a bad back leg and now her nose is getting in on the act. She has a constant pain on the left side high up where the main nasal bone is. I think it's an infection. Pain killers do not help and she has to wait till Wednesday next week to see doctor. To top it off she was eating a few dats ago and one of her fillings broke. I walked to the dentist to make an apt for her and was shocked to be told. They could not fix it till next week also.

So getting ready for Christmas has become a full on medical situation.

I have a knee injury myself but can manage to hobble around. I think my old ligament injury is turning to arthritis. Time will tell.

Any good news??? Thinks hard......

My son and his partner had a great cruising holiday in the Med this summer. It looked fantastic!... They enjoyed it so much the have booked a Baltic Cruise for next year already!! They also have a great house in a place called Didsbury now and love it. Oh to be young again!!

We cannot really make plans like that until we know what they are doing with Liz, so we will book a cottage in Whitby again for a break. That way if we have to cancel we will not lose too much.


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