Good news Bad news

Two months since Christmas and it seems like a year ago already.


Things have moved on in good ways and bad.


My knee is making a wonderful recovery, thanks to a series of exercises I found on the Net. It has been painful and at times I thought I was doing more damage but the aim was to muscle build. It seems the muscle tension that holds the knee in place can be lost very quickly after an injury. Well I'm almost walking normally again with NO pain But I cannot see myself running ever again, there seems to be damage that will never get that better. 


Liz has been to Sheffield hospital to see the Radiologists that carry out Gama Knife surgery. They want to operate on the brain growth that causes most of her attacks ASAP. She has reached a point where real damage is being done. That and our quality of life has hit rock bottom Her daily attacks are preventing us from planning any kind of enjoyment. So we await a phone call to say they will be sending a car to take us back.

They have made it clear that it is not possible to remove the whole growth as that would cause brain damage but there is a 75% chance of an improved life for a few years

Her nose is also still giving her terrible pain (another result of having severe Epilepsy and falling so much. We will be going to hospital for that too soon.


My son Jason is going to get married to his Partner Daz in a private ceremony on 7th July. We are not invited. There will just be them and 2 close friends. They do not want to make this a big deal. I feel I will be missing out but respect his wishes. We have missed out on many aspects of having a child as they grow up. Such is the nature of being a gay person. So long as he is happy. He knows he has our full backing.


Now the bad news. .. My mother has Vascular Dementia. I have known for almost 2 years but getting a diagnosis is very hard when the person involved denies anything is wrong I had to wait till I got her into her new home and use that as an excuse to say it was a health assessment

More bad news for my mother. She is already deaf and I thought she was getting cataracts so i dragged her to the hospital (I'm SICK SICK SICK of hospitals) She is much worse than i thought and has a degenerative eye condition that cannot be cured. Sigh... Well she is 91 now and her memory loss means she is never sure what is wrong as she does not remember my explanations...

The doctor who visited Yesterday about her dementia said she was living in a great place and I had done well to pre empt  her condition causing her more worry. Her moods are well balanced and she is not getting depressed so that is half the battle.


I get upset myself at times, I seem to be caught in the middle of two people that need all my time. You know when that happens you seem to ignore your own needs. I realised this recently. I would dearly love to go on some short trips with Liz but her attacks would make this difficult, that and her bullous pemphigoid (skin condition) that means she has to have cotton sheets, Most hotels and apartments seem to avoid them and opt for man made types that would cause her havoc! 

I look forward to Summer and plan to get a wheel chair to get my mother to the coast. Liz will be a bit put out but I don't have that much time left with my mother so tough.


Here's hoping Liz's operation helps........ Life goes on...


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