No Ant War!

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Prompted by a reminder from the venerable Scott of Sbevis I am writing to report that the antwar this year whimpered into a tiny tale of 2 ants.... The sum total of invasion forces found. If there were more they obviously ran back to tell of the blood and gore fate that met their fellow scouts. Maybe I did hear the distant screams of horror as I dragged out the beaten bodies of the invaders and deposited them for all of antworld to see as a warning of their fate should they attempt an invasion.

They are still out there in the badlands just beyond my front gate. It was only a few days ago that, while on my jungle run (cutting the hedge), I came upon one of their training camps. I watched using my eye in the sky surveillance... Well I stood and watched.

I could have let them be and would have if it were not the aerial troops that suddenly appeared from their underground bunkers.  Intelligence reports came in.. Those things have wings. Probability studies indicated they might be capable of flight. Defcon 3 was immediately instigated and chemical warfare became the most suitable response.

It was not a battle, it was an annihilation. Some time in the future I will probably be brought up on war crimes. I can hear them now as I stand in the dock head bowed in shame.

"Your honor," whoever that may be. "Here stands before you the genocidal mass murderer who year after year attacked and destroyed innocent travellers and farmers. There is no single word to describe him. His last act was one of an absolute madman, when he attacked and killed a whole colony with no provocation at all."

"It's true, It's true," I will wail in reply. My only defence is the fear of further invasion, in fact I caught 2 of their advance party."

You can't prove this the prosecution interceded.

How could I the bodies had long since been dragged off by the would be invaders.

I cannot conceive of any punishment that could account for so many deaths, but one thing I do know, if I have to do it again I will. So stick that in your ant pipe and smoke it! 


Coming soon... A new series.. Ice Age - War of the Winds.....


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