One More Time at the Office Folks

This is it, the long awaited final visit to Groupeeville.  Chris came in as we were talking and he could tell by the lilting tones of our voices that something strange was going on!

Paul was our most gracious person in charge of reception - tough demanding job filled with all sorts of confusing questions from customers (well confusing to him anyway Wink ) Notice the perfect color blend of his togs, carefully selected to help him blend into the background. Very clever Paul . See someone you don't like and you just stand still and they  look right through youSmiler

Specially for Kenner by request, a photo taken under great duress, Who could that be???

Notice April leaping in for the photo chance of a lifetime, or was she just taking a chance to leap on the irrisistable Chris, down girl!!

Boaz was  a little overpowered by my presence again, he still can't believe he has met a superstar at last (Errr Thats ME folks!!! Wink ) He even took a chance to get us on video!

Could not find Lori anywhere,, searched high and low, all I could find was this new lamp in the office, she would not be trying to avoid me now would she?? Nahhh can't beBig Grin

Strange thing.. I found a dead chicken with the washroom key round it's neck.. Now I have to ask, is this really going to dissuade a potential thief from running off with the key?? Wink

Due to unforseen circs I missed Rosemary again (she heard I was coming probably!!)

So that was it. We got escourted from the building by this tough looking fella (Chris) and we mosey on overed to Bainbridge Island for a few hours, more walking our feet are killing us.

Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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