The next American adventure (possibly)

A year ago I started a plan that would eventually take Elizabeth and myself to Seattle. We had not one regret and everything worked out as planned. I do tend to start early and mull over things for a time before making a decision.

Well I have started to mull againRoll Eyes

Going to Seattle was the safest way to try out America, test the waters so's to speak.

I have a new cunning planSmiler

It is just an idea and i was hoping some of you may be able to tell me if i am doing the right or wrong thing.

Basically I would like to book rail travel using Amtrak to go from city to city stopping off a various destinations and possibly meeting some of you.

I had at first thought of doing one of the package type rail journey's but i find they are inflexable and not nearly as adventorous as doing it all myself.

In theory I should be able to go to just about any major city jumping from train to train and booking sleeping accomodation where needed.

Amtraks site makes it look easy and even fun to a certain extent.

Has anybody out there used Sleepers?
Is the rail service  trustworthy and safe?
Does anybody want to meet us?

I would like to hear your opinions and views and  even experiences on this subject, then I could decide if this is right or wrong.

Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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