The Oh No! Birthday crashe

It's looming up in front of me . I'm crash diving at colossal speed towards a most horrid day. Oh god it's hard to even contemplate it. Sigh there is nothing for it though... 

I will be 60 soon and when Elizabeth asked what she could get for me, my mind went blank and still is... There is nothing I want Nothing

I mean that's absurd I always want something, but now the big day approaches there is nothing.

I have become PRACTICAL  There are no meaningless superfluous gadgets or trinkets that even begin to raise an eyebrow!

I hate this, especially as I know something will pop into my head the day after



It's still 3 weeks away so no best wishes please. I;m just staggered that I can't help Liz with her dilemma. 


Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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