War of the Ants (Oh No Not Again)

We had an unusually wonderful sunny and very warm day this 19th of March 2015.


Liz went off to the church Thursday powwow time.. Chat chat let's make a rumour time. Lives can be made or destroyed


I threw of my Winter woollies tossed my shirt aside, donned a T shirt and dived into the task off removing the winter moss from the block paved front garden.

The sun beat down relentless and nice and hot. It was glorious!

Iced coffee to hand I toiled on Breaking for occasional sips. Tis during a sip I noticed the advanced infiltration troops. Crouching behind a weed I made my observations. 

They scuttled along well prepared routes uncomfortably close to my kitchen door.

I mean... MARCH! Howay Man (Look it up). Not fair!

Sneaky Formicidae

They seemed to be crowding around an old haunt of theirs long since blocked up, yet somehow they were finding ways of going to ground.

Much spraying of white powder later the ant's did a runner.

"Yeah go on fun for the hill's" I shouted as they retreated into the distance (well the next garden). For some reason I drew strange looks from two attractive dog walkers of the female variety suitably dressed for the unusual warm weather. It could have been my angry shaking of my fist at the grass that looked a little funny.


Liz came home to a swept garden. "You were spotted working," she said. "One of the other women asked if it was my husband doing the garden."

"Yeah that will be him she replied. Ooo you have a handsome husband!" She commented. (I'm in there.)..

Liz apparently replied... "Have I." 


Life goes on..




Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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