We have been to Groupee Folks

It was raining today Aug 25th. Lori asked if we were coming to the office.. Could I say no? Not on your life. So off we went (in the wrong direction) Well your cars go the wrong wayWink

We got there eventuallySmiler

Paul was at the desk and gave us a Groupee handshake, we chatted while Lori came to meet us, then it was mission accomplished. I got to hug LoriSmiler More than once so can you please count one of those as being from jodee, I did agree to thatSmiler

We got to meet Boaz, another huggable event and one that I was looking forward to. So we got to see the famous Kazoo museum. A lot of thought has gone into the presentation, He did not even charge us for entry!!  see the pictures.

We got to meet just about the whole Groupee gang. Although Chris was not there, I could have criedWink

Of course We went to Ted's office to meet him. It was a pleasure to see you Ted.

As you have already been told by Lori we got to go for lunch with her and Ted. We chatted for quite a while, then it was time for the the two intrepid workers to return to the office.

We parted company and it was then that the sun came out. The Sun shines on GroupeeSmiler

Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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