Woodlands Park Zoo

We had an interesting trip to the zoo today, used good old Seattle public bus no5.. Took a while to find the stop (Seneca & 3rd) We were early so we got an interesting birthday card for one of Elizabeths aunts.
Bus came - No you don't pay as you get on, most strange.. I have to ask, why no change given, can the bus drivers not work out things like that? No problem we had the right money. Paid when we actually got off the right stop!

Right outside the Zoo, great stuff, entry fee is not too bad as i cannot remember how much it was. We enjoyed the walk in the fine summer weather, looked at lots of animals, sad the was not penguinsFrowner

We had good old cheeseburger and chips to eat, loved themSmiler

More walking more animals and then the sore feet set in, hunted down the same entrance (West), crossed the road and waited for the bus back... and waited.... and waited.....and waited, then guess what??  2 came together!! Ahhh it felt just like homeWink

We even got asked by some lady if this was the right bus for downtown, of course me being a local, I assurred her it wasWink

Now the proud user of a Chromebook. Join me.

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